Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Site Is Going Away!

I am phasing out this Blogspot site to a new, Tumblr-ized layout. Update your links and interest to dantelfer.com. Dantelfer.com used to send you here, now it doesn't. Get with the times, Google!

Since the video of me doing the dinosaur bit still links here, I will keep this post up a little longer.

Over 5,000 30,000 new views in the last 12 hours. That's at least semi-viral! Note to the Aspergers-ridden nerds emailing me about it: so what if I fudged Giganotosaurus and said Gigantosaurus? And I may have confused where the fake apatosaurus skull came from. The point of the joke is that I have too many opinions, not too many facts. Also, I have been accused of having "plants" in the audience. Are you kidding? I have gotten pachycephalosaurus and allosaurus at least ten times each. Comedy fans are smart. See: previous category of haters. Also, I have been improvising comedy for over 10 years and know what to do if the audience has, say, NO dinosaurs they want to talk about. Case in point: